Ultracast 48254: FW-190A-F Prop and Spinner - VDM 9-12176A Wide Wooden Blades


$12.95 CDN


Scott Van Aken


resin. S&h is $9.95 CDN  worldwide

Many late war FW-190s were equipped with the wide wooden prop blades. This is especially true of the A/F-9 versions and the D-9 variant. The set is designed for the Hasegawa kit but should fit others as well. Ultracast has also included both the 12 and 14 blade cooling fans. The A/F-9 versions definitely use the 14 blade versions and this was on some earlier variants as well. Each of the blades is separate and simply slots into the spinner. There is no keyway so you'll need to check pitch when doing this. The cooling fans have some very thin flash on them that will be a snap to clean up. They are also easy to remove from the pour stubs as you can see by the one that came adrift from it during shipping.

A very worthwhile investment and one that will be a big plus to your next 190 effort.

December 2013

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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