Ultracast 48145/146/147 Spitfire gun sets


1/48 Spitfires


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Scott Van Aken


resin. S&h is $4.00 US/$5.50 CDN 

These sets are replacement cannon for various Spitfire kits. Regardless of what kit you are using, these will work; all you may have to do is drill a hole for them. What you can't see that well in the images is that these already have the ends drilled out so that alone makes them worth the price. Each set includes information on how far out the barrels should protrude from the leading edge of the wing.

Set 48145 is for B Wing cannon and are priced at$2.95 US/$3.95 CDN

Set 48146 is a set of C wing cannon and the recoil section as well. These are $4.95 US/$5.95 CDN

Finally set 48147 are E wing cannon and .50 cal guns. The .50s are recessed and superbly done. I could never do as good a job. These are $4.95 US/$5.95 CDN

As with all Ultracast products, they are engineered to be very easy to remove from the pour stubs. Often nothing more involved than a sharp hobby knife is needed.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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