Ultracast 48112 and 113; Spitfire Props and Spinners


1/48  Tamiya and Hasegawa kits


$8.95 / $10.95 CDN


Scott Van Aken


resin. S&h is $4.00 US/$5.50 CDN 

From Ultracast comes the latest in their series of bits for the 1/48 Spitfire. These two sets are for the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits. Set 48-112 is a De Havilland 3 bladed prop and spinner for the Spit I/II/V. Set 113 is a Rotol prop and the blunt spinner for the Spit II/V. It includes the little bumb on the starboard side of the nose to clear the Coffman starter.

Either prop/spinner combo is superior to the kit versions and allows the Spitfire fanatic to be even more accurate when doing a model of his/her favourite aircraft!

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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