Ultracast 48110 and 111; P-39/P-400 Exhausts


1/48 Eduard P-39 Kits


$4.95 / $5.95 CDN


Scott Van Aken


resin. S&h is $4.00 US/$5.50 CDN 

Continuing with the Ultracast P-39/P-400 sets for the Eduard 1/48 P-39/400, here are a couple of sets of the more unusual exhaust. Set 48-110 is listed as flared exhaust while 48-111 are British fishtail exhaust. Trying to carve out either from plastic would be an exercise in futility, but these are not only expertly molded, but by painting the recesses you can easily simulate that they are hollow.

As with other Ultracast resin parts, they are among the finest resin aftermarket items you can buy. They are superbly molded, super simple to remove from the resin blocks (often just a sharp hobby knife is all that is needed) and are direct replacements for the kit part. This means no cutting and other modifications are required to use them; just a coat of paint.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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