Ultracast 1/48 Spitfire Control Surfaces


1/48 Hasegawa kit


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Scott Van Aken


S&H on these items is US$4.00 /CDN$5.50


One thing that many modelers like to do is to cut out control surfaces and place them at a more interesting and natural angle. Most WWII planes will at least have the elevators drooping and perhaps the rudder and ailerons at a bit of an angle. With these two sets, you can do that with the Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire IX.

These two sets are easy replacements as all you really need to cut are the ailerons. The horizontal stabs are direct replacements for the kit parts. As with all Ultracast resin parts, removal of the bits from the resin block is a snap. Unlike other resin companies, Ultracast engineers the resin block to be quite thin where it attaches to the part. No need to do a lot of sawing and have resin dust everywhere. Simply score along the attachment area with a sharp hobby knife and few times and the part comes free.

The main difference between these two sets are the horizontal stabs and elevators. Set 48085 on the left is for the early Spit and 48086 on the right is for the later one. You can see the difference just by looking at the elevators. The cost for either of these sets is $9.95 US/$12.95 CDN plus s&h. I can tell you from using the ones for the ICM Spitfire that they are super to use and well worth the cost.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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