Ultracast 1/48 Hurrican wheel well


1/48 Hasegawa kit


$4.95 US or $5.95 CDN


Scott Van Aken


S&H is US$4.00 /CDN$5.50

Hasegawa's Hurricane kits have been selling quite well, but have not had themost detailed wheel well. This insert from Ultracast takes care of thatsituation. The insert is beautifully cast with no defects whatsoever, atrademark of Ultracast.

 One other trademark of Ultracast parts is that they are generally veryeasy to remove from the resin block. No major sawing and hacking that can damagethe part. Those I have used require just a few minutes of gently scribing with ahobby knife blade and the part separates easily.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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