Ultracast 1/48 Bf-109E/F-K exhausts


Tamiya/Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109s


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Scott Van Aken


S&H on these items is US$4.00 /CDN$5.50


One thing that really lets your model stand out are realistic lookingexhaust. There are basically two ways of doing this. First is to drill them outyourself. If they are round, this works reasonably well. However, if some othershape, then it is a bit of a chore if not a disaster to do yourself. 

The second method is to buy some aftermarket exhaust. This can be a realproblem as often times aftermarket ones either don't fit or do not have theopenings indented enough to give the illusion of being open. Again, you candrill them if they are circular, but other shapes are nearly impossible to doproperly. Ultracast has done some superb exhaust that are properly indented.They now add to their catalog a couple of sets for the 1/48 Bf-109. 

Set 48077 is for the Bf-109E and designed for the Tamiya kit. These are theexhaust on the left in the above image. As you can see, they are beautifullydone. The other set is for later F-K 109s and designed for the Hasegawa kit.Either of these sets runs US$4.95 or CDN$5.95 and are well worth it. I cananticipate a large number of these being sold as there are a lot of 109 addictsout there!

Regardless of which set you choose, they will look great on your next Bf-109.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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