C&H 1/48 F-105D Thunderstick II Spine


1/48 Revell/Monogram F-105D




Scott Van Aken




C&H Aero Miniatures has been around for a while. They have a selection of1/48 two-seat conversions sets that many modelers will find of interest. Theyalso make some other conversion items.

One that caught my interest recently was an enlarged dorsal spine for theThunderstick II modification that was eventually used by only one unit, the507th TFS of the Air Force Reserves.

The set really doesn't havemuch in it as this conversion isn't that difficult. There is the larger fuselagespine and a set of decals. The decals cover two aircraft, one in standard SEAcamouflage with white markings and another from a few years later with an SEAwraparound camo and black markings. The decals are about the same quality asSuperscale. The image has been darkened to allow the white to show up.

One simply cuts off the old spine and inserts the new one. A very simpleconversion. As to whether it is worth the price asked is up to the buyer. Mycopy was in good shape with just one air bubble on the lower section of thespine, which you can see in the image above. C&H do warn in the instructionsthat there could be some minor defects and states that repairing them should notbe a problem. I would have felt a bit better if they had offered a replacement,but considering the effort it takes to product resin parts, and the generaldifficulty of producing small run items like this, I'm not that surprised.

Anyway, it is a nice item for those of you who love your thuds and want to doa different version. If 1/72 is your forte, Airwaves offers a similar resinspine in your scale.

Review copy courtesy of  me and my wallet.

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