Shelf Oddity SO 314411 1/144 Spitfire LF.9c

KIT #: SO314411
PRICE: 2.50 Euros
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

One markings option


This is Shelf Oddity's first decal sheet in this scale. It is for a 1/144 Spitfire and while no kit is noted on the package, I'm pretty sure this is for the Eduard kit. The sheet is superbly printed and provides the markings for a Greek aircraft in overall unpainted metal or perhaps aluminum paint. As seems to be popular, the instructions for the set are on-line and one simply downloads a .pdf file for this purpose.  

For those looking for something a bit different for the 1/144 clipped wing Spit, this would be a great choice. Hopefully Shelf Oddity will sell enough of these to make it worth doing other sheets. As a final note, there are standard waterslide decals and not ALPS printed.

January 2016


Thanks to Shelf Oddity for the review set. Get this item today at this link.

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