S.B.S. Model Z 63 Riveter


10.00 direct from www.sbsmodel.com


Scott Van Aken


This one is 1/72. Also available in 1/100, 1/48 and 1/32 scale

SBS Model has released a set of riveters that are just what modelers are seeking. Produced in all the major scales, these take away the guesswork of using ponce wheels that may not be correct. As you can see, these high quality steel wheels provide an exact rivet spacing. Included with the wheel is a clear plastic strip to use as a guide when replacing lost detail or adding it where it wasn't before. I had a chance to use this on a spare kit part and was quite impressed with how easy it was to use and how little pressure is actually needed to provide the desired effect.

An excellent tool and one you should seriously consider.

December 2008

Review copy courtesy of www.sbsmodel.com  Visit them at theirwebsite.

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