Expert's Choice 48-20 RBF flags


Modern aircraft




Scott Van Aken



Look at any modern aircraft on the ground and one thing you will see are thebright red streamers from all over the underside of the plane. These are RemoveBefore Flight (RBF) flags that are attached to all sorts of safety devices.Mostly they are hooked up to things like landing gear pins, armament pins andintake/exhaust covers. 

The purpose of them is to remind the ground crew to remove the items so thatthe aircraft can properly operate. Sometimes in the confusion of hurriedoperations, items can be left saftied. By having tags attached to these devices,there is no time wasted returning to have the pins removed or going into anoperation with weapons that cannot be dropped/used.

These flags come in a variety of red shades and designs, though they are alllong, thing streamers. EC has produced three of the more common ones. These arenot decals, but paper. You cut them out, fold them over, glue them together andthen attach them to wire for use on your kit. EC provides instructions on justhow to use them. Where to put them is a result of your own research. There areenough of them to do a lot of aircraft and to make a bunch of mistakes along theway as well! Though it doesn't show well in the above image, the ones on the farleft are in daglo red.

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