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Scott Van Aken

If you are like me, then you find tools to be fascinating and many of them are in the 'why didn't someone think of this before?' category. So it is with the Micro Razor Saw. It consists of a sturdy wooden handle with an attachment that firmly holds the saw blade. This blade has two different 'grades' of teeth with one being a bit coarser than the other. The set also includes a spare blade. This tool can be used either for general sawing (such as removing control surfaces from a model) or for scribing/rescribing.

I have tried this out and find that for many jobs it works very well. I've even been using it to remove resin casting materials from parts. It works quite well and thanks to its very thin design, it able to remove material quickly without taking away too much. If it has a downside, it is that the depth of the bite is only 1/4 inch. This is probably due to the thinness of the blade which means it may well be too flexible to use one with more depth. As an experiment, I loosened one of the fasteners, swung the blade out to where it would have more cutting depth and indeed, it was really a bit too wobbly to do a really good job of things, but it can be done.

In all, a neat tool and one that I think you will find quite useful.

January 2007

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