Platz 1/72 MiG-15UTI canopy mask set




800 yen


Platz/Eduard 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

Whenever Platz releases a new or reboxed kit, they generally produce a series of upgrade sets and accessories for it. This is one for Tuesday's MiG-15 UTI and is a canopy mask set. The MiG-15 UTI does not have a very complex set of clear bits, consisting of basically a windscreen and two canopies, so the set is not complex to match. These masks are, for some parts, what I'd call 'open' masks in that they fill the edges of the frame and you fill in the interior with masking agent or a piece of tape.

The set itself consists of a single yellow rectangle with seven separate inserts. One simply follows the guide and the masking is done. This set will also fit the Eduard boxing of this kit as they are, after all, the same.

For those who hate to cut canopy masks, this is just what you need.

August 2017

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