Platz 1/72 Su-27 masking set




760 yen yen from this link


Platz/Zvezda Su-27SM Flanker B(Mod)


Scott Van Aken

Platz has released a very nice masking set to go along with their Su-27SM kit. This particular set is what I can an 'open' set as it provides the outlines for the canopy and the modeler fills in the rest with either tape or liquid mask. They work quite well and I have never experienced wrinkle issues  with this style as you sometimes have with the more solid version. In addition, there are wheel masks provided. These actually mask the wheels and allow you to then paint the tires.

In case you are wondering if this will fit other 1/72 Flanker kits, well, it is hard to say. It looks like it would, but it is designed for the Platz/Zvezda kit so I'll leave it at that.  Well worth picking up if you don't like masking clear bits.

February 2017

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