Master Details 1/32 58 US Gallon Drop Tank

KIT #: 32063
PRICE: $14.99 from
DECALS: none required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin and metal.

This is the latest 1/32 set from Master Details is for the 1/32 F4F Wildcat/Martlet. The -4 and later planes were plumbed for underwing fuel tanks and to my knowledge, this is the first aftermarket set for these items done in this scale.

Typical of Master Details, the resin casting is flawless. There are cast metal parts for the rest of the fixtures. This includes anti-sway braces, fuel line, which I think is a vent (the small bits) and a pair of wing attachment fittings. The small amount of flash is easily cleaned up.

The set comes with full instructions and will add a lot of interest to your next kit of this aircraft.

January 2019

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My thanks to Master Details for providing the review sample. Get yours direct at this link.

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