Master Details 1/32 USAAF Navigator

KIT #: 32044
PRICE: $14.95 from
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin and metal.

This is the latest 1/32  figure from the folks at Master Details. This time they are continuing to do bomber crewmen. This is a navigator figure in garb for the European theater. In the Pacific, US bombers generally did not fly at high altitudes until the B-29 came along, but we don't yet have a 1/32 B-29.

We do, however, have a B-17 and B-25 in this scale and if we ever get a B-24 and B-26, this one will work with those as well.

The kit itself is flawlessly cast and all the modeler has to do is remove the remnants of the pour stubs from the resin parts and choose a head. The body of the figure is in five pieces and you get two different torsos depending on whether or not your figure is wearing an oxygen mask or not. With that in mind, you get two different heads, one with a mask and the other without. For the one with a mask, a bladder is included for you to attach. For the one without, you get a complete mask/bladder piece to drape around the figure's neck. It is these straps that differentiate the two torso pieces. A long oxygen hose is included. Also included is a parachute pack. These men did not always wear this so would have it stowed nearby.

The kit includes complete assembly and painting guide as well as some other hints and tips on finishing your figure. A great addition to your next huge bomber project.

September 2016


My thanks to Master Details for providing the review sample. Get yours direct at this link.

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