Master Details Fine Sculpting Epoxy Putty

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two part epoxy putty

There are few things that are as handy as fillers. Just about everyone who goes to the second level of modeling (post-snaptite) will eventually use them. Most will start off with one part tube fillers, only to realize that their propensity to shrink and not be all that good for large areas makes them not quite as useful as originally thought.

This is where epoxy putty comes to play. There are a bunch of different brands out there from A+B Epoxy and Milliput to name a few, but the best I have found are those that are semi-soft types. These are easy to use in that you simply take an equal amount of each, knead them together until it is a single shade and apply.

These sorts of putties are what figure builders use to make the masters for their figures as to modify their figures as well. It can be made into very thin sheets and has a long working time of anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. If the stuff has a down side it is that it is not good for very small cracks, such as the seams between two pieces. Many modelers will enlarge those seams just to use epoxy putty.


Because it does not shrink when it has cured, is easily molded while soft with water on your finger (thus reducing any sanding later) and it takes paints well. I have been using this type of filler for many, many years and unless you do major modifications with it or use it to build up masters for figures, even a small amount will last for many years. This set is the .2 lb one with a .4 lb set also available for those who may need more.

I tried some of this out and found that it had a working time of nearly an hour and was quite hard after about four (to where you could not put a dent in it with a finger nail). I highly recommend this sort of putty as it has a variety of uses outside model building as well.

May 2012

My thanks to Master Details for providing the review sample. Get yours direct or from your local hobby shop.

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