Aires 1/48 Mirage IIIE Cockpit Set

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PRICE: $25.00 which included shipping from Hong Kong
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: No instructions.

I have been looking for a cockpit set for the ESCI Mirage IIIE for a very long time and finally located one on one of the auction sites. The set came in a pair of bubble bags with no instructions or photo etch. The molding, however, is very good. Now either this is a set that was extra in terms of not enough packages, or it was pirated by the Hong Kong seller. Due to the quality of the molding, I suspect the former.

Fortunately, the set is not all that complex and since it will be pretty much black, there is no real need for instructions.

The set includes a new floor with side consoles, inner cockpit wall pieces, a rear bulkhead, forward anti-glare panel, instrument panel, lower instrument panel, rudder pedals, control stick and a nice bang seat with belt detail.

This has been out of the Aires catalog so long it is no longer listed, so I guess I'm fortunate enough to find one. If you have the ESCI kit or the Revell rebox, it would be worth your effort to try to locate one of these as it will really help what is a pretty basic kit cockpit.

October 2016

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