KIT: Loon Models 1/72 Bf-109G-10 fuselage conversion
KIT #: 72207
PRICE: $14.50 from
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin conversion

This set is specifically designed to replace the fuselage of the Revell AG/ProModeler 1/72 Bf-109G-10. It is superbly cast in resin and is basically ready to go once some very minor clean-up is done. All that flash that you see can be removed with little more than a fingernail. I especially like the way that the parts are taped to a stiff cardboard backing as it helps to prevent shipping damage. It also comes in a very sturdy box.

The instructions basically give a background on the type. This fuselage has what most are now calling the 'type 110' engine cowling. It sweeps up on the right, but is squared off on the left. These were built at the Erla factory and were used on what is erroneously called the Bf-109G-10/AS. I say erroneously as there is no documentation designating a specific AS version of the 109G-10. The DB605AS engine was installed in a number of aircraft, but the designation was not on the data plate.

Instructions go on to state that these planes were mostly rebuilds, something that others will contest, and so you'd find both types of wing (wide and small wheel bulges) and both types of tail wheel (tall and short).

August 2006

Thanks to Loon Models for the review sample. You can get these from or your local hobby store. If they don't carry them, ask for them.

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