Legend LF 4804 Douglas Bader


1/48 Hurricane or Spitfire, of course!




Scott Van Aken




Adding to the list of famous aces, Legend does a nice 1/48 figure of Douglas Bader, the legendary RAF ace who flew with two prosthetic legs. This figure is just as well molded as the previous offerings and has the benefit of not being too difficult to build. There is a full body on which the head is the only separate part. Makes for much easier painting and assembly.

There is only a touch of flash to be removed and the resin blocks are not very large so construction should be a breeze. As with all of the figure kits I've seen, there are no instructions as none are really needed. The box photo provides just about all the information you might need to complete the figure.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Legend. Please visit their website.

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