Legend 4803 Richard Bong




$7.98 MSRP


Scott Van Aken



Legend's line of 1/48 figures includes that of the America's ace of aces, Dick Bong, who succeeded in shooting down 40 Japanese aircraft during his time in New Guinea. Sadly, he lost his life testing the P-80 jet fighter near the end of the war when the plane he was flying suffered engine failure at low level and he was unable to get out of the plane.

This kit is really a lot more complicated than some of the others. The body is divided into upper and lower sections with separate arms. There is also a separate parachute harness that attaches to the back of the figure, ready to clip onto the seat parachute. No assembly instructions or painting information is given as the kit is quite simple and color information can be gleaned from the box image. This would be a perfect figure if you were doing a series of aces and aircraft.

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