Legend LF 4036 1/48 Cockpit set


Academy/Hobbycraft P-36




Scott Van Aken




If you have read the Legend P-40 set, you'll see that this one is quite similar. And really, it should be as the two aircraft are based on the same airframe! This set is a direct replacement for the one in the Hobbycraft/Academy kit and should fit with no fuss. Typical of Legend sets, the resin casting blocks are not the massive things that one gets with some other sets, so removal of parts won't be that difficult. Though no instructions were provided with this preview set, I've been assured that the production set will have them. Really, it is pretty straight-forward and intuitive for those of us who have been in the hobby for a while. The box art provides color info, though I'm not really sure about the use of yellow chromate primer for the interior.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Legend. Please visit their website.

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