IsraCast 32-002; IAF F-16C Block 30/40 conversion set


1/32 Academy F-16 CJ/CG




Scott Van Aken




This is the latest set from the folks at Isracast and provides updated parts for the new Academy F-16C to make a proper IAF variant. The set includes four new missile pylons, a new tail cone, new main gear wheels and a number of intakes, antennas and plates for you to use when doing your kit.

Decals are available for this aircraft as well from the folks at IsraDecal so that you can build any IAF Block 30/40 F-16C that you wish.  As you can see from the image above, the set is superbly molded and should be quite easy to remove from the resin pour stubs, in most cases needing only a sharp hobby knife.

Now you are probably wondering where to get this set. You can get this direct from the manufacturer if unavailable in your area. They have completely revamped their website and now offer the ability to order direct.

July 2005

Review sample courtesy of IsraCast

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