Eduard 1/72 F-4E Cockpit set


SS 201


$8.99 MSRP




Scott Van Aken


In living color

I'm always a sucker for neat things, especially if they will make a model look nicer and they don't cost a lot of loot. Eduard's series of Zoom sets provides a basic cockpit upgrade for those who don't want to add all the zillions of other teeny bits to the model. What makes this series of Zoom sets neat is that they are prepainted. Now for a WWII plane that probably isn't any big whoop, but for a modern jet, that is a huge help. This is especially true for Hasegawa kits that often supply little more than a decal for instruments and consoles. These sets have great detail in that area that also provides a bit of relief from the flat decals provided. In addition, there are instrument films for behind the etched bits, harnesses, rudder pedals, and a few other pieces to add some zest to the bang seat and the rest of the interior. Now you might think that 9 bucks is a bit much, but I've seen these in models and they really do make a plain interior into one that draws some attention. It also includes a nice little etched name plate. Best of all, you didn't drive yourself blind painting it!

Set courtesy of me and my penchant for things Phantom!

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