Eduard Brass Set for 1/48 ProModeler Bf-110G

Eduard's set for the ProModeler Bf-110 is designed for the G-4 nightfighter, but could probably also be used for the G-2 dayfighter kit. It includes the usual stuff like replacement instrument panels with acetate instruments, various control boxes and throttle quadrants; a new gunner's seat, foot pedals, harnesses, ammo belts and canopy handles for the interior.

For the exterior, there are new radiator grills, wheel well stanchions, gear links, radio antennas, tank straps and flame damper grills.

It looks quite complete and do-able, though a bit fiddly. Frankly, some of the more three-dimensional kit parts like radio antenna and gear scissors look better than what is provided in the rather 2-dimentional brass.

Surprisingly this set is priced at $15.00. A bit high for a single sheet as a double sheet for the 1/48 TA-4J costs the same. Still it is up to the usual Eduard quality and is recommended to enhance your ProModeler 110G

Scott Van Aken