Eagle Parts 1/32 FW-190A props and spinner




$12.00 a set


Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190A


Scott Van Aken

I thought that the best way to review these sets is together. The FW-190A had three distinctly different propeller possibilities. The kit offers but one of these and then the detailing isn't as good as what you get with these resin replacements.

Starting from the left, you have set 4532 (9-12067A) which is the common set, 4632 (9-12153A) which have external weights, and set 4732 (9-12176A) which are large wooden prop blades. Each set comes with a drilling guide (that is the circular thing). You simply place the already cleaned up spinner in it and drill through the hole in it in order to get a properly centered hole for the prop shaft.

Apparently these props could be used interchangeably so you need to check any photo references you have to see which is most appropriate for your model.

Thanks to EagleParts for the review set

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