KIT: Cape Hobby and Gift 1/32 Ruhrstahl-Kramer X-4
KIT #: CHG 008
PRICE: $15.95 direct from Cape Hobby & Gift
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Muti-media kit


The X-4 was an air to air guided missile with a small body, four swept fins and four small tail fins. Two of the opposing fins held streamlined pods for the wire-control bobbins and a spoiler was fitted to each of the four tail fins giving pitch and yaw control. This wire-guiding had worked quite well with the HS-293 powered bomb so the technology was proven. Of course, the man controlling the HS-293 was not also flying the plane.....

The missile was to be powered by a special BMW 109-548 liquid fueled engine developing an initial thrust of 140 KGs. The wire lines were of 5.5 km in length, sufficient to assure good range. Initial launchings from a Ju-88 were in August of 1944 and Peenemunde. Normal load was to be four of these missiles and carried beneath the wings of the Me-262 and other fighters.


The small box contains a bag in which are two other bags. One contains the main fins and nose probes in cast metal. The other holds the main body of the missiles in very nicely cast resin with the tail fins in photo-etch. Also included are four pylons. There is no specific aircraft mentioned for which these are to fit, though with some sanding, it seems that they'd fit just about anything in this scale. While I'm sure many will go for the Me-262 option (and in this scale, the Trumpeter kit is very nice), I'm sure others will try to fix a pair under the wings of a FW-190D or Bf-109K or other suitable aircraft.

Instructions show side, front and rear views to help get all the bits in the right place. No color information is provided, but it seems to me that the main fins were made of wood and unpainted.

A note on the instructions states that this set was made by Antares in Argentina.


So there you have it. A great set of missiles that you can add to your favorite late war Luftwaffe kit or even build and display alone. The price is right and they do look like they'll be pretty straight forward to build.

My thanks to Cape Hobby and Gift for the review sample. If you want a set, you have to get them direct from the link.

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