Warpigs Weathering Pigments

ITEM  #: 014 and 019
PRICE: $6.50  at www.wingsntreads.com
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Here's another of those neat products that helps to enhance the look of your model. Weathering pigments are not new, but these from Warpigs are probably finer ground than any you have used before. These pigments are finely ground - down to 50 microns, to ensure consistency. They can be applied dry, mixed with white paint (acrylic or mineral-based), or suspended as a wash or filter. When properly mixed, they can be sprayed through an airbrush for that overall-dusted look.

Each of the screw top jars contains 20 ml of pigment and, of course, you can mix the various colors. Two shades were recieved as review samples; Pistachio Green and Slate Grey. I gave them both a try as dry pigments and found that they work quite well. They stick well to the brush I was using, though are not so sticky that they are difficult to remove when over-applied. In fact, if you are looking for a pigment that will provide that additional look of light to heavy weathering, then these would very much fill the bill.

June 2009

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