SET: Black Magic F9F-2/2P Canopy and wheel hub mask
ITEM  #: CEBM 48575
PRICE: $4.99 at GreatModels
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kit


One accessory that many modelers have found to be invaluable for building their models have been masks. These neat sets are a real boon if you are like many of us and are not very good at masking things.

This particular set is for the Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kit and provides a set of masks for the kit canopy and for the wheel hubs. There are also masks for the camera bay windows on the photo recon Panther. If you have never used these masks before, they are simple enough. You peel them off and place them on the proper location on the transparencies. For the main part of the bubble canopy, you can either fill that in with regular tape, scraps cut from the mask sheet or liquid mask. The wheels masks are used by first painting the tires, then putting on these masks and painting the wheel. Easy to use and each set comes with extensive instructions.

Sorry for the poor image, but these are not easy to photograph!

April  2007

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