Black Magic Reich Defense Bands


CEBM 32076




1/32 FW-190


Scott Van Aken


Before you say it, I know that the image is poor. I have lightened it up so that you can actually see the masks, otherwise it would be the 'black cat eating licorice on a dark night' sort of deal.

What you can see is that there are three masks. One each for those Reich Defense bands that are a singe, two, or three colors. You put the overall mask outline where you want the band to go. Then you spray on the first color and if needed, add masks for the others. Conversely, you can forego the outline and just use the inserts to cover the colors you've already done. Any way that you do it, these masks will definitely make painting these bands a much easier exercise for us all.

Review set courtesy of  Cutting Edge

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