Black Magic Canopy Masks


CEBM 32088/24013


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Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-4 and 1/24 Bf-109G-6


Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their fine sets of canopy masks comes this pair for some rather large aircraft. First up is CEBM 32088 for the F4U-4 Corsair. This set is for the Trumpeter kit and retails for $5.99. The other set is also for a Trumpeter kit, the 1/24 Bf-109G-6. Set CEBM 24013 retails for $6.99. Either set will make it just that much easier to complete these big kits.

As a late note, it seems that the F4U-4 mask is really the same as that for the F4U-1D, so you may want to pass on that one if doing the 1/32 -4.

Review set courtesy of  Cutting Edge

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