Black Box  F-16CJ  cockpit set


CS 32024


$35.00 MSRP from VMD Studios


Tamiya 1/32 kit


Scott Van Aken

The Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ kit now has a highly detailed, quality resin cockpit set for it with this latest release from Black Box. The set includes an incredibly detailed cockpit tub, new seat, anti-glare panel, sidewalls as well as seat frame, control stick, HUD and some bits for behind the seat.

This impressive set comes equally well protected with the seat and tub in their own bags and the other parts spread out into two more containers. This keeps bits from bashing into each other and ensures that they arrive intact. The instructions are very well done with all sorts of hints and suggestions for installing and painting your new cockpit tub.

An excellent set for the Tamiya kit.

Review set courtesy of VMD Studios where you can buy direct and get a discount. Thank you for your support.

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