Black Box  F-106A cockpit set




$?? MSRP ($15.00 at North American Hobbies )


Monogram kit


Scott Van Aken

In the 'better late than never' category is this new set for the Monogram F-106A from Black Box. It is of typical Black Box quality and provides a very busy looking cockpit. The modeler will have to remove all of the kit's instrument panel cover and the rear deck as well as any material on the inside of the fuselage. In addition to the usual stuff that one expects from BB, there are two instrument panels for either the early round analog dials or the later 'tape' instruments. Also included is the AIR-2 Genie optical sight which was removed from planes in mid 1972 when the Genie was no longer a viable weapons system. Typically, I had a broken part in the set, but Black Box has a good replacement policy so getting a new one won't be a problem. It is nice to finally have a good aftermarket cockpit set for this kit and hopefully it will bode well for its reissue in the near future.

Review set courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything from 20-30% below retail.

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