SET Lion Marc 1/48 Tiger I tracks
SET #: AW48000
PRICE: $25.50 from Wings N Treads
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin individual track links for the Skybow kit

For those who want the ultimate in realism for any tank kit, there is nothing that beats individual track links. Lion Marc provides those for the Skybow 1/48 Tiger I. The set includes a bag of 220 individual and superbly molded track links along with an additional bag of 220 brass sections to connect them all together.

The quality of the molding is first rate and though there is a touch of clean-up needed, the fit of these tracks is perfect. I have fitted a couple together in the image above so you can see how well these will work. Though it will probably take a few hours to get these all cleaned and installed, the effort will be well worth it in making for a superb addition to your Skybow Tiger I. I plan on using them in an upcoming full build article so stay tuned.

December 2005

Thanks to Wings N Treads for the review set. Visit them to get yours.

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