Aires 4206: Me-262 Slats






Hasegawa kit


Scott Van Aken

One thing missed by pretty much every 1/48 Me-262 kit is separate leading edge slats. These were gravity operated and while they could be pinned up, were generally not. Aires has supplied a replacement set that, while designed for the Tamiya kit, could probably be used on the Revell/Monogram kit as well if one so wished.

It is a pretty easy upgrade as these things go. One removes the upper wing slats, and when the upper and lower wings are joined, there will be a notch where the old slats were attached. Inserts are provided for the removed part that include the slat tracks. Once in place, one simply attaches the resin replacement slats and you are done.

The set does include instructions, though I doubt many will actually need them. Well worth picking up if they are still available.

October 2020

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