Aires 1/48 Bf-109G-6 (early) Cockpit Set






Eduard kit


Scott Van Aken

I made an order from overseas and in order to justify the shipping costs, I padded the order with a few aftermarket bits I thought I'd end up using. This was one of them. The Eduard kit has a fairly nice cockpit right from the box, but as you know, resin is able to provide tiny details that simply cannot be matched with injected plastic. These sorts of sets also add a couple of weeks to the build, at least they do in my case.

So you get a nice floor with bulkhead piece that has the seat molded in. Two nice sidewalls, an instrument panel mounting piece, a back wall piece and a two piece head armor piece. The small bits are a control stick, 20mm gun housing, gun sight and two tiny resin bits to help hold the head armor in place.

Naturally one has photo etch. These are seat belts, trim wheels, chain pieces, instrument panel and rudder pedals along with some other teensy bits. For some reason we are provided an additional set of pedals. Instruments are on acetate and are to be sandwiched between the p.e. panel and the mounting piece.  Frankly, I would save the p.e. for a weekend edition as what comes in the Profipack kit is superior to what comes in this set.

I have to assume that the 'late' set comes with a different instrument panel as used on the G-10 and perhaps a 30mm gun housing as I cannot think of anything else that would have changed. The set comes with full instructions so those new to the 109 will have a nice guide.

November 2016

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