Aires 1/48 F-100 Super Sabre Wheels and masks






Trumpeter/Monogram 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

I came to understand that the wheels on the Trumpeter 1/48 F-100 kits I have are too tall. Best way for me to rectify that are to seek out some aftermarket wheels. There are several on the 'net, but I wanted some that didn't have p.e. bits and that pretty well left these by Aires.

I have used Aires wheel sets before and they come with masks. You can paint then mask the hubs, leaving the tires to be painted. Or you can paint and mask the tires first. This will require you to use liquid mask to fill in the unmasked areas. My experience with the latter is that the liquid mask pulls up some of the paint. Your choice.

The set comes with full instructions on using the masks and will be worth it if you don't like painting wheels and tires. These can also be used on the Monogram kit and probably the ESCI version as well.

December 2019

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