Signifer Artificial Snow

SET: SN99001


16.00 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken


Includes binder

There are often times when we want to recreate a winter scene when building a diorama. This means we need a good substitute for snow. There are a number of products that have been used in the past, but none seem to be as easy to use as this latest product from Signifer.

Signifer offers both the artificial snow and the acrylic binder to use it. It is simply a matter of mixing to get the proper consistency of snow that you need for your project. You get 50 grams of the snow and a nice sized container of binder. Signifer provides complete instructions on the application of this material in easy to follow pictorial steps with accompanying written instructions. From the look of things, it is pretty well fool-proof and can add a great deal of interest to your next project.

If your local shop does not carry Signifer products, you can order from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

December 2008

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