Zotz 48-008: B-24 Liberator ' Libby Girls pt 3'

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Scott Van Aken

This third Pacific B-24 sheet covers a pair of 43 BG aircraft.

First up is 'Cocktail Hour', a B-24J of the 64 BS, and is a huge nose art.

Similarly large is 'Million $ Baby' of the 403 BS. This is a Ford-built B-24M and so there are differences in the nose over a J model.

It is suggested to research the aircraft you choose carefully so that you can have all the proper mods and changes. Figuring out B-24 variants is just as confusing and convoluted as it is Bf-109Gs!

As with the other sheets, the nose art is absolutely superb and you have enough decals to complete one of the two subjects.

Like the other two sheets, this one is also available in 1/72 scale

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