Zotz 48-005: B-24 Liberator ' Libby Girls pt 2'

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the second sheet of the B-24 series and it also covers two bare metal Pacific B-24s.

First is 'Mabel's Label's', a B-24M from the 64 BS/43 BG

The other is 'Net Results' another B-24M from the 528 BS/380 BG. I have to say that I think the 380 BG lion should be more orange than red. The book 'The Best of the Southwest: a History of the 380 BG' shows them in an orange, regardless of the other colors in the tail.

The M model had a different nose turret from the J and most also used the 'hi hat' upper forward turret. My research into the 380 BG found that most of their planes did not have a lower turret, but used a scarff ring and two .50 cal guns. The main reason was that these planes operated at relatively low altitudes and these were considered more useful and more comfortable for the gunner. Both the instructions and I agree that you need to do your research to be sure of exactly how your model was outfitted.

Like the previous sheet, the nose art is on a separate sheet and is superbly done.

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