Zotz 48-004: B-24 Liberator ' Libby Gals pt 1'

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Scott Van Aken

The Pacific theater is where the attributes of the B-24 (long range and decent bomb load) really came to the forefront, and just about all the USAF and USN heavy bomber groups flew one version of the Liberator or another.

This is the first of at least three sheets on the Liberator. Though it is a 1/48 sheet, it appears that it will also be available in 1/72 for the smaller scale fans.

On this particular sheet are two late war B-24s, and both are in bare metal with black anti-icing boots, though it is possible that these were not on the plane as Pacific B-24s generally flew at lower altitudes than those in Europe.

First up is 'Queen Mae', a B-24J of the 319 BS/ 90 BG.

The other is 'Liquidator', a B-24M of the 866 BS/494 BG. The M had several differences from the J and so you may want to look into the different nose available from Cutting Edge on this one.

The set includes a generic B-24 stencil and insignia sheet. The colors on the nose art are really superb, so regardless of which one you do, it will be a beauty.

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