Ze-Ro Decals 032001: MiG-21 UM

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Scott Van Aken

In the mails the other day, arrived two decals from a new company called Ze-Ro Decals. This is the 1/32 sheet they sent me and it is, like their previous release, a single subject. Many like sheets such as this as it provides just what we need and nothing more. I'm sure that many of you have bits of decal sheet where you have only used one of the markings supplied.

This sheet is for a Croatian Air Force MiG-21UM  with no serial based at Pulat in 2000 while participating in a joint US/Croatian exercise.  It is in a disruptive scheme of what looks like dark green, sand, and light blue.

The instructions are very well done and provide a decal placement guide that is similar to a sprues guide one gets with a kit. The colors and markings guide is in full color and while it does not list particular paint brands, it does provide an FS 595 chart for the colors so one can get the colors close. The decals themselves are very well printed and include stencils.

There is no particular kit listed, but I know of but the Trumpeter kit in this scale.

Apparently there is no web site as of yet as a Google turned up nothing. An e-mail to will get you information on cost and shipping. They have a few other MiG-21 and Mi-8 sheets so ask for a listing.

April 2010

Thanks to Ze-Ro Decals for providing the review sheet.

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