Yellowhammer 48035: Tomcat's sunset #1






Scott Van Aken

This sheet has markings for three standard line birds, all in the tactical paint scheme. They include two with nose art and one that was the final F-14 trap; modex 112. All three planes flew in the final shipboard flight of 28 July 2006 from the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

For this sheet you can use any available F-14D kit in 1/48 with the Revell and Hasegawa ones being specifically mentioned. The sheet also includes enough data markings and insignia for one of the options, but you can always glean additional bits from the kit sheet if you want to do more than one.

An additional set of Felix's with a flag motif is included for the fuel tanks should you wish to use them. There is no info sheet with this one so I'm not sure which aircraft carried it.

July 2007

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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