Xtradecal X32027: BAe Hawk T.1 (early schemes)


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Scott Van Aken


For Revell AG kit

This sheet covers the first decade and a half of Hawk operations in the RAF. This covers basically three different camouflage schemes. The initial one was white upper, red lower with wing center sections in aircraft grey. Next was what has been called the Raspberry Ripple scheme. In this, most of the upper white was replaced by roundel blue. In both cases, the full horizontal stabilators and the wing tips are in red. The other was a tactical scheme of dark green and dark sea grey in a variegated wrap around scheme.

The sheet covers ten different marking schemes. Seven of these are shown above.

There are two in the red and white scheme. One is from the 4 FTS in 1977 with another loaned to 151 Squadron in 1987.

For the red, white and blue scheme, you have four options. These are 4 FTS, 1990; 100 Squadron, 1993; Central Flying School, 1990; and 74 Squadron, 1993.

The rest are all camouflaged versions with 1 and2 TWU. These frequently carried the centerline gun pod. Those are 151 Squadron, 1989; 63 Squadron, 1979; 234 Squadron, 1991; and 79 Squadron 1988.

The sheet provides sufficient insignia for one of the camouflaged versions and one of the red/white or red/white/blue schemes. Serials are provided for all. Xtradecal provides a full stencil sheet in X32038 or you can use the kit stencils.

Review copy courtesy of www.hannants.co.uk where you can get your sheet and thousands of other kits and accessories.

January 2012

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