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Scott Van Aken


Ultimate RAF Hawk sheet (sort of)

As some of you may realize, I'm a big fan of the Bae Hawk. There is just something about the aircraft that looks right. It is sleek and looks fast, especially without anything encumbering the underside of the aircraft. This applies only to the T.1 as the T.2 added all sorts of lumps and bumps that has made it as ugly as many other modern jets.

In the past I've built Hawks in all the major scales with a majority of my builds in 1/72 using kits from Italeri, Fujimi and Airfix. In 1/48 scale, my lone Hawk build was the Pioneer kit and while it turned out fairly well, it was a chore to get it there. Thankfully Airfix has released a new tool Hawk, one of their projects either before or during the transfer of the company to Hornby. Equally thankfully, Xtradecal has done a very nice sheet for the RAF Hawk.

They call it the ultimate RAF Hawk sheet, but this is not a new sheet and was done before the black paint scheme became the norm. However, there are unique markings for 27 aircraft with some in the red and white scheme, some in the green/grey scheme, some in the overall grey scheme, and some in the 'raspberry ripple' scheme. Lumping the first and last scheme into one, the sheet provides insignia for one each of the major schemes. Those wanting to do more can get sheets with insignia or use those from the kit. There are also enough underwing serials for the early and the green/grey scheme. I'm sure that if you have a photo of a Hawk in these camouflage schemes, you can cobble together serials to match. I have shown some of the schemes above, to see the others, check out the link to Hannants so you can see them all.

Here is a rundown:

In red and white there is a plane from the Central Flying School and with 4 FTS.

In raspberry ripple is a 4 FTS, 100 Sq, and Empire Test Pilot's School plane

Green and grey offer planes with 63 Sq (3), 234 Sq (2), 151 Sq (2), and 79 Sq.

In the greys there are planes from 234 Sq (2) which includes an anniversary scheme, 19 Sq (2), 63 Sq (3) which also includes a special scheme, 92 Sq, 151 Sq (2) which includes a special scheme, 79 Sq, as well as two schemes for the 50th anniversary of RAF Chivenor with planes from 63 and 151 Sq.

The green/grey and overall grey planes are shown with cannon pods and the overall grey ones have Sidewinders.

Unless you like frustration, you'll choose the Airfix kit for this one. In line with other Xtracolor sheets, instructions are very well done with not only profiles, but also upper and lower views and paint information.

My thanks to Hannants for the review sheet. You can get yours at this link.

July 2014

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