Werner's Wings 3508: Pavehawk Stencils

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$9.00 from www.wernerswings.com


Scott Van Aken

As mentioned in the previous review of the full sheet, Werner's Wings offers just the stencil sheet. This is for those who want to either do another set of markings from the sheet, or just want a set to do their own helo. One of the nice things about this sheet is that it has all the basic titles, a bunch of separate serial numbers, insignia, and some of the Pedro moustaches as well. The sheet comes with a complete set of instructions to help you place the various markings.

This 1/35 set is designed for the MRC/Academy H-60 kit. .

January 2017

Review copy courtesy of www.wernerswings.com. Get yours direct or at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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