Werner's Wings 3507: Pavehawks Combat Rescue

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Scott Van Aken

It has been well over five years since I've seen anything from Werner's Wings, but they have been busy and recently several of their new decal sheets for the HH-60 came in the mails. This particular one is for USAF PaveHawks and provides markings for no fewer than 17 aircraft. These are in a variety of schemes from Euro 1 to overall greys to a few desert schemes so pretty much everyone is covered. I'm pretty sure that every unit that's flown them is in there somewhere.

This set is designed for the 1/35 MRC/Academy kit. As you know, there will be a need for upgrade bits to do a proper helo and Werner's Wings has all you need at their website to properly model this version so see them at the link in the stats box. There are planes from the regular USAF as well as the ANG and AFRC. At least one Alaska ANG plane is equipped with skis. The HH-60 is call signed 'Pedro' so you get a variety of moustaches as some of the planes have on the nose.

Instructions are very well done and in full color. You get front views where required and these come with a nicely done history. A full stencil suite is provided along with a stencil placement guide. These stencils are also available separately in case you wish to do more than one helo.

This is an excellent sheet for those wanting to model this helo. As a note, there are also some upgrade bits available from Cobra Company. I should add that as of December 2016, Cobra Company has gone out of business so check various vendors. There is an excellent chance that someone else will pick up their molds in the future. 

January 2017

Review copy courtesy of www.wernerswings.com. Get yours direct or at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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