Werner's Wings 3201: Vietnam Ace Capt Steve Ritchie and Friends

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Scott Van Aken

This 1/32 sheet on USAF Vietnam MiG killers is a direct result of the involvement of Kitty Hawk's Glen Coleman. WW had produced this sheet in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, and Glen sponsored this sheet so that at least it would be available to a few 1/32 modelers. The sheet is limited to 200 examples and provides 14 different aircraft, some of which have multiple markings variations. While no specific kit is mentioned, to my knowledge only Tamiya does an F-4D in this scale while both Tamiya and Revell do the F-4E. The sheet only has the unique markings for these options so any common markings and datat markings will need to come from the kit decals. An addition to this sheet that is not only the smaller scale sheets are the options for Robin Olds' aircraft.


The first four options are all for Steve Ritchie at various times.

#1 is the F-4D 66-7463 on 10 May 1972 when it shot down a MiG-21

Next is F-4D 65-0801 from 31 May 1972 when it shot down another MiG-21.

3/4 is F-4E 68-0362 from 8 July 1972.

Fifth is F-4D 66-7463 from 28 August 1972.

Number six is F-4D 66-4673 from 15 October 1972 flown by McCoy/Brown when bagging a MiG-21

F-4E 67-0338 with the sharkmouth is from Linebacker I/II in 1972

65-0700 is an F-4D when it was based at Bentwaters in 1974.

66-7661 was flown by Williams/Feigny on 12 February 1968 on their MiG-17 kill mission.

Tenth is 66-0271, an F-4D flown by Baily/Feinstein on two MiG-21 kill missions on 18 and 29 July 1972.

Number 11 is 'Chappie' Davis' plane from January 1967. This is an F-4C.

66-7550 is an F-4D flown by Cherry/Feinstein for their 16 April 1972 MiG-21 kill.

Thirteenth is an F-4C, 63-7680 flown by Robin Olds on 2 Jan 1967.

Finally, another Robin Olds plane, 'Scat XIII' flown in May 1967.

The two decal sheets are superbly printed and these planes have been well documented. If your penchant is for large scale planes in general and Phantoms in particular, then this is very much a sheet you should seek out before they are gone.

January 2018

Review copy courtesy of Kitty Hawk's Glen Coleman. Thank you, Glen.

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