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White Dog 721001 for  B-24J/M Liberator




380 & 494 BG

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Scott Van Aken




Probably the most unsung hero aircraft of the Second World War was the B-24 Liberator. It was built in more numbers than the B-17, had a greater bomb load than the B-17, had greater range than the B-17, and flew faster than the B-17, but guess which one got all the press?  Yup, the B-17.

While both types were in constant action over the skies of Europe, in the Pacific it was the B-24 that was most used. It was that great range that made the B-24 such a desirable aircraft. The Navy loved the plane and used it quite a bit for long-range land based patrol as the PB4Y-1. This aircraft was later greatly modified into the much more potent PB4Y-2 Privateer.

For the Army, the 5th AF in the Southwest Pacific used the B-24 as soon as sufficient numbers became available. Though later overshadowed by the 20th AF's B-29s, the Liberator was in constant action right up to the end of the war.

White Dog decals is a company that I had only heard of in snippets until they were kind enough to send me some for review. What you get is a standard decal sheet and a smaller set of decals for the nose art or unit badge. These smaller decals are superbly detailed and better than most anything you have seen. They are also a bit transparent so white backings have been provided to ensure proper color intensity. The choices for nose art are #1 in my book as they are generally of lovely ladies in various states of undress. A popular subject in 1944 as it is nowadays!

There are two subjects on this initial 1/72 sheet. Both aircraft are overall natural metal with silver doped control surfaces.

The first aircraft is a B-24J from the 867BS/494BG. It is entitled 'Playmate' and has an appropriate nose art! The distinguishing marking carried is a quartered outer fin in black and natural metal.

The 529BS/380BS B-24M is 'Queen of the Strip'. It also has a nice nose art on one side with a unit badge on the other.  The tail markings are lions and two variants are given. 

Both of these schemes require some modification to the recommended kits. White Dog provides a listing of what is needed as well as a full reference section.

These sheets are only available by mail from White Dog. You can contact them at:

Don Fenton
11629 James Grant Dr.
El Paso, TX  79936

You can e-mail Don at for more information.

Review copy courtesy of White Dog Decals. Thanks for your support. 

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