MAW Decals 72-001: USMC F-18D Hornets

Units: VMFA 121, 224, 332, & 533


$12.00 direct from MAW Decals


Scott Van Aken


Following up on their 1/48 F-18D sheet, MAW has produced a 1/72 version. Thanks to the additional space, there are five aircraft on this one, all in the standard FS 36320 over FS 36375 greys scheme. Though no specific kit is recommended, I do believe that in 1/72, Hasegawa is your only real option.

First up is the squadron CO's plane from VMFA-224 'Bengals' in April 2004. This aircraft has the black fin and orange rudders. The vents on the nose section should be filled in and the supplied decal used. This aircraft also needs the IFF antennas added to in front of the windscreen.

Next is from VMFA-121 'The Green Knights' in October 2004. This one is also the CO's plane and has a black fin on both sides. Modifications needed as per the previous aircraft. Despite the rather 'squished' look to the fuselage insignia, the instructions state they were painted this way.

The third option is new to this sheet and is the squadron commander's plane from VMFA-533. Not only are the fins a dark blue, but this color is also painted on the centerline tank and on the speed brake. The fourth option is a line bird from this same squadron and time frame, early 2004.

Finally, a VMFA-332 line bird. No specific time frame is given, but it was undoubtedly deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan in the last few years.

Instructions are very well done and in full color. An addendum page is provided that gives twelve different load-outs. Decals are very nicely printed and produced by Microscale so should present no problems.

Overall a fine sheet and my thanks to MAW Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the link above. Free shipping in US. International orders e-mail them at for rates.

May 2006

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